Taking the Stress out of Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and with so much to do, and so much to buy, we just want to remind you – Mustard Seed has it covered!

Whether you need, Christmas Cards, Christian themed gift-wrap, gift bags, Advent Calendars, even down to Serviettes. Not to mention a wide range of Bibles, books and general gifts that make perfect presents for this Christmas.

So why not shop with Mustard Seed, and allow us to help you focus on the real meaning of Christmas, by taking the stress out of all your Christmas Shopping?

Only 94 days………

Would you believe Christmas is only 94 days away? Crazy isn’t it! Yet shops are already stocking up with Christmas goodies.

Here at the Mustard Seed Christian Bookshop, Christmas stock has also started to filter it’s way into the bookshop, offering the opportunity for you to purchase meaningful cards and gifts to you celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.